Litttle Sammy Davis Blues Hall of Fame Induction, continued...

In the “house band”, providing accompaniment for the afternoon, were vocalist/harp player, Roxy Perry, along with guitarists/vocalists, Rhett Tyler and John Bendy; drummer, Papa John Mole; Bob Fusco on bass and vocals, and Dave Keyes on keyboards and vocals.
l to r: John Bendy, Bob Fusco, Rhett Tyler, Dave Keyes
Among the featured artist line up were Rhett Tyler, Pete Hop, Dean Scala, Bobby Kyle, Murali Coryell, Dave Keys, Chrissi O’Dell, Midnight Slim and the Strangers, (the group that Davis had last recorded with), Fred Scribner, Gil Cruz, and Brad Scribner. Special guest appearances included veteran blues guitar greats, Joe Louis Walker and Little Melvin – Legends paying tribute to legends!
l to r (photo left): Joe Louis Walker, Roxy Perry  |  (photo right): Brian Remaly, Roxy Perry, Little Melvin
The music began with regional artists who shared anecdotes of their experiences with Davis and who unanimously named Little Sammy Davis as one of their great inspirations to play blues. Guitarist, Pete Hop, reminisced, “The man had more energy and played with more heart and soul than people I knew that were half his age. He’s always been an inspiration, always played like it was his last night on earth and he just loved music.”

l to r: Pete Hop, Papa John Mole, Joe Louis Walker

Addressing Davis as he took the stage, Joe Louis Walker explained, “Sammy, you’ve blessed this area with some wonderful music. I’ve had the opportunity to record with you and had the opportunity to work with Eddie Kirkland with you. We’re gonna do an Eddie Kirkland song in honor of Eddie for his passing last month.”

Keeping to a close schedule to allow Davis’ timely return to his residence, it was time for Davis’ formal induction into the Blues Hall of Fame. Brian Remaley assembled the audience, stating, “It is an honor for all the artists that came out here today to be part of Brian’s Backyard BBQ especially for Little Sammy. We all love him.”


With Davis surrounded by the love of his fellow musician friends, placing the framed certificate on Davis’ lap, Roxy Perry continued with the formal induction, declaring, “It is my great honor as Blues Hall Of Fame Ambassador to New York, to present Little Sammy Davis with this Master Class Induction to the Blues Hall of Fame as a “Great Master Blues Artist. Sammy, you are a legend. You will never, ever be forgotten. We love you. You are in our hearts. You are in our minds. And your music will be with us forever. We love you with all our hearts!”

Amid the ensuing cheers and applause, without a doubt, everyone in the room was touched with emotion as Davis wiped away heartfelt tears, and with great effort, played a single note on a harmonica he was handed.

Following the induction, friends escorted Davis out to the parking lot to bid farewell for the day and again offer well wishes and loving congratulations. But, the party did not end there. Inside Brian’s, Rhett Tyler was astounding patrons and characteristically burning up the stage, as he delivered a scorching rendition of his song, “Cold Wind Blowin’”.

Music continued throughout the afternoon, breaking momentarily to conduct a fundraising auction. The funds will be earmarked to assure resources are in place to cover memorial and interment expenses for Davis when that day… hopefully, in the very far distant future… arises.

Auctioneer, Ron Ganz, took bids on musical items donated for the purpose. Among the items, a drumhead autographed by members of Vanilla Fudge, along with an autographed guitar of Vanilla Fudge guitarist, Vinny Martell. A framed record and photo signed by Fats Domino, along with records autographed by Les Paul were offered. Les Paul’s son, Rusty, assisted in auctioning off a Gibson Les Paul guitar also autographed by his father.

Ron Ganz
By late afternoon, the list of scheduled artists concluded, but music continued into the evening with an open jam, and just in time for dinner – more of Brian’s great Backyard Barbeque!

I was among the fortunate audience to have experienced the tribute, celebration and induction of Little Sammy Davis into the Blues Hall of Fame. It was truly a day of memories, honor, acknowledgement and gratitude given lovingly to a man who had offered the same to his peers throughout his musical career, and as Roxy Perry declared, Little Sammy Davis, “You will never, ever be forgotten!”

The fundraising effort on Davis’ behalf continues, and all donations are greatly appreciated. If you would like to help, please contact Brian Remaly at or 845-692-3227 during business hours.

l to r, above:  Dean Scala, Murali Coryell, Gill Cruz
l to r, above:  Rusty Paul, Fats Domino auction item, Brian Remaly

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