Ever try fitting a novel onto a panel of a CD package?! There’s really no way within such a limited space to adequately set out the details or credit all the talented artists with whom I had the pleasure of working alongside on this CD. All the finest in my book - and wonderful friends to boot!

IN MY SWEET TIME was written and recorded as a follow up to my award-winning BACK IN BLUESVILLE CD. The songs were written over the past three years following BLUESVILLE, so I suppose it’s aptly titled. This time around was quite an experience, as I produced the CD myself, and am indebted to those who generously offered their good advice and support throughout the project.

MIKE VENTIMIGLIA is a newcomer to Blues and the process of songwriting and recording. He gravitated to it quickly and adeptly, putting forth great effort. He has been in the band only since our last CD was released, but has become a noted part of it that people look forward to experiencing. Mike spent a lot of time trying to get the songs out of my head and relayed to the band in the past year. He also spent many hours in the studio patiently getting his keyboard solos where I thought they should be to bring out his best. I am very happy with the resulting work and look forward to the recognition it may bring him from the CD and our live shows in the future.  www.myspace.com/mikeventimiglia

The bass grooves were set by my bass player and husband, BOB FUSCO, who has been a supporter of my music, my band, and me for several decades. During the arrangement and writing process, Bob interjected a lot in refining the chord structures to make the songs what they should be. Bob has always brought a good deal to the band's sound, both in the studio and live shows, that is often overlooked. He has been on all four of my CDs and has been a band member for 36 years. God bless him!

Of course, the bass and drums operate as one. LINDA GEIGER is my long-time, hard working drummer in the band, and she plays on most of the songs on IN MY SWEET TIME and several on my past CD. Her versatility really shines throughout the diverse content of this CD. Linda is a quiet gal, but her conversation is brilliant and colorful behind those drums. We can always rely on Linda, in the studio and on stage, to be right there with us through every twist and turn. Being a female drummer, Linda sometimes falls under skepticism by the audience at first glance... but that quickly dissipates as she steps up to the plate as not just a drummer, but a great one!

Our band guitarist on most of the CD is CHRIS VITARELLO. Chris also had input on the arrangements of several songs. He has a great range of versatility in his playing, as I believe you will notice on the CD - from mellow jazzy sounds to wailing rock; he swings brilliantly and throws down passionate leads over all. Chris is a great player and nice guy that I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with for many years. He did a fabulous job on IN MY SWEET TIME, and is an amazing live performer as well. Hope you get the chance to see him with us live.

FROSTY LAWSON:  Love the horns, you say? They were all played and recorded by FROSTY LAWSON.  What a talent … and what patience! Figuring out my arrangements is no small task. But, I’m thrilled to say that Frosty nailed it, and did me a real solid!

MATT BAXTER:  My long-time buddy, writing and recording cohort, mastering guy and mentor. I couldn't imagine putting together a CD without including one of Matt’s beautifully adept dobro tunes. On this CD, Matt co-wrote, recorded and produced the song, LET ME HAVE MY REST. He was also an integral part of the final mixing and did the mastering as well. Prior to IN MY SWEET TIME, Matt co-wrote, recorded, and co-produced my second CD, NY BLUES QUEEN.

He mastered my third CD, BACK IN BLUESVILLE, and appeared on the song, CROOKED PATH, which he played, co-wrote and produced. The song aired on the syndicated House of Blues radio program, as ‘Bluesbreaker of the Week’ – twice! For his work on BACK IN BLUESVILLE, Matt also shared in the 2006 IBC Best Self Produced CD Award.  www.mattbaxter.com

MATT RAE:  Matt so generously brought the perfect guitar sounds to the songs, ROADMASTER and Hank Williams Sr.’s hauntingly beautiful I'M SO LONESOME I COULD CRY. Matt is a progressive country player who is highly noted and on the rise. He is also a friend of nearly ten years and I am very proud to be able to present some of his fabulous work on this CD!

HIRO SUZUKI:  Hiro is another long-time friend and a staple of the New York Blues scene, and he appeared on my very first CD, HI HEELED BLUES. This time, Hiro plays on the songs, BLUES COMES TO CALL and IN MY SWEET TIME. We love his artful styling, and just know you will too!

MIKE MARBLE: Mike came into the project through guitarist, Matt Rae, to record drums on ROADMASTER and I'M SO LONESOME I COULD CRY.  Mike was a pleasure to work with and brought the exact vibe I needed to make these two very diverse songs special. It's no wonder he has the great reputation he does in our area. Thanks, Mike, for adding your outstanding style and energy!

LESLIE BLOOME | DTG PRODUCTIONS: We chose Leslie's studio to record IN MY SWEET TIME for many reasons. As a professional, he is a fine musician (bass player), a noted Foley artist with vast experience mixing and creating movie sound tracks, as well as live and studio performances of his studio’s outstanding roster of artists. As a friend, we have known Leslie for a good decade. He has always carried a positive vibe that seems to lighten up the room wherever he goes. He has jammed with us many times over the years and knows what we do and what we sound like. He kept a positive energy going throughout our sessions and handled us with care, patience and inspiration. He worked overtime with Matt Baxter during final mix and mastering to make this CD the highest quality of my four CDs. We are very grateful for his extra efforts and will most certainly continue to work with him in the future.  www.dtgproductions.com

Finally, a shout-out to my great business team - the magical behind-the-scenes string that keeps it all together, and my agent, JOE MONTALTO whose hard work keeps me busy and made this CD possible!