l to r, (back) Michael Packer, Pete Hop, Rhett Tyler, Papa John Mole, Junior Mack, Jerry Dugger
(middle) SaRon Crenshaw, Barry Harrison, Dave Keyes
(front) Bob Fusco, Melvin Underwood, Brian Remaly
SEPTEMBER 25, 2011
Middletown, New York

BHF Nominees from the great state of New York were honored at an induction ceremony on September 25, 2011. The all-day program, organized and emceed by BHF National Ambassador, Roxy Perry, was a celebration of the area’s finest blues artists, acknowledging their career-long hard work, dedication, and accomplishments.

Volunteers from New York to Connecticut rolled up their sleeves to assist with admission, raffles, merchandise and CD sales. Musicians in the house band for the day included Fred Clark, Bob Fusco, Dave Keyes, Papa John Mole and Rhett Tyler. Videographer, Oscar Rivera, recorded performances and inductions for the official BHF archive.

The atmosphere was one of mutual respect and great camaraderie between all the inductees, as they delivered again, the talent and artistry that brought them the day’s recognition and honor.

Held at Brian’s Backyard Barbeque in Middletown, New York, the venue itself, was among the list of inductions. Owner, Brian Remaly, has held backyard festivals at his house since 2004. Taking the stage early in the program, he acknowledged Perry for organizing the event, and thanked the packed room of patrons for supporting the venue and the music. The induction held special significance, as Remaly noted, “My nephew that passed on is looking down at this place and seeing all these lovely people…”

Artists, in order of induction were Bob Fusco, Papa John Mole, Pete Hop, Rhett Tyler, Dave Keyes, Little Melvin Underwood, Jerry Dugger, SaRon Crenshaw, Junior Mack, Barry Harrison and Michael Packer.  Brian Remaly accepted the induction for his venue, Brian's Backyard BBQ.

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© September 2011
Photos: Susan O'Kane